Taglines! Taglines!

Taglines are an archaic relict of the good old BBS-times when the Internet had not yet conquered everybody's livingroom. Basically, taglines are short jokes or funny quotes condensed to a single line of text that will be attached to the end of a mail. This program is a manager for taglines that, once configured for your eMail-client, can insert taglines from an edible library either manually, by random, or fully automatic. Something for people with a strong sense of humour!

  • taglines up to 80 characters
  • supports multiple data-files
  • manual or automatic (random) mode

Taglines! Taglines! requires an eMail-software that supports ASCII signature-files.
The download is a self-installing archive and includes online-help.

The password to unlock the nag-screen is 'I register!' ;-)


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