Y-Convert is an intelligent image robot (batch processor) with the main purpose to downscale large pictures (eg. from a DigiCam) for web presentations.
Additionally, you can tune your pictures using some filters, create thumbnails and HTML indexes.

  • add files or directories(!) using drag & drop
  • process mulitple directories at the same time
  • scale pictures using presets or custom sizes
  • image quality of scaled pictures is automatically enhanced
    in dependence of the amount of scaling done to them!
  • tune your pictures using filters like sharpness, gamma, RGB correction
  • create thumbnails
  • create linked HTML-"slides" (containers) for your images
  • create HTML indexes
  • all HTML files are created by using your own templates
    Be warned, this is nothing for beginners!
    You need good HTML knowledge and at least a basic understanding
    of StyleSheets. Of course, an example is included.
  • when processing/indexing files from multiple directories,
    individual indexes per folder plus a master index are created

Since I don't have any idea of reading and writing graphic file formats at all, Y-Convert does only the required calculations for the parameters and provides a nice interface. The "dirty" job of processing the files one by one is done by Pierre Gougelet's Nconvert; a console utility, that comes as part of his free XNview package. Y-Convert would not have been possible without Pierre's work, so thank you for making this masterpiece available for free!

Also, I must not forget PKware, who provided the VDSconv.dll (a free extension to my VDS compiler), which is used to gather some information from the source images Y-Convert needs for it's calculations.

Known issues:
  • This is an early Beta. Expect the unexpected!
  • Nconvert is a console (DOS) utility. Processing images using Y-Convert may be slower than using "pure" Windows programs. However, once you've seen the output quality it creates under control of Y-Convert, you will gladly pay that price.

Last Update: March 2001
  • Fixed a bug that could create invalid HTML-indexes
  • added a switch to make Y-Convert recurse into subdirectories
  • added a switch to check for duplicate files in the file list
  • beeing a console utility, it may gulp on images with spaces in filenames.
    However, spaces in filenames should be avoided in general.


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